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Fair & Honest Pricing

The web design world is full of deceitful practices and many agencies charge in a way that is nothing short of egregiously predatory. It's not 2006 anymore. Building beautiful websites is easier than ever and, unlike the vast majority of agencies, we charge accordingly and pass the savings onto you.


We love what we do and it shows. We want to look back on every project we complete and be proud of the work we did - regardless of budget. We strive to always go above and beyond because when we do the work for the love of it, everything always turns out far better - for everyone involved.

Less Friction

As a business owner, we know you don't have time to waste. Many agencies deploy antiquated processes which not only drive costs up, but waste incredibly needless amounts of time.  We use a hyper efficient design process which eliminates the need for wasteful meetings and seemingly endless back & forth so you can focus on your business while we design a site you will be proud of!

No Cost Bloating

Long ago, building websites required very advanced, specialized knowledge and as such, developers could charge top dollar. Those days are gone yet many are still trying to charge as though they aren't. Most agencies bloat the cost with mockups, wireframes and all kinds of other totally unnecessary processes from earlier web design eras. We don't. Our process saves you up to 400% on cost and time.

"I was quoted $2,000 - $4,000 for a one-page website by a number of local Okanagan agencies. We needed multiple pages so do the math. Jay told me I should never pay more than $500 for what I needed and explained why then built us a website we are so pleased with. He's one of the most honest and easiest to deal with guys I've ever done business with. I cannot recommend enough. Work with him. You'll be very glad you did!"

Get A Premium Website Without The Premium Price

"Most agencies engage in practices designed to intentionally bloat the price.
We don't.
Our design process alone can save you up to 400% on cost and time"

Jay Woodford

Okanagan Design Co.

Our Services

Okanagan Design Co.


Our objective is simple; help you convert more business! Our design concepts revolve around funneling attention where it needs to go.


We host our client's sites on Google Cloud, Amazon AWS and Vultr - some of the best in the industry. This ensures our client's sites load fast, have industry leading uptime and are always secure! 


Your website's security is of the utmost importance. That's why we offer industry leading security monitoring, threat detection and prevention, patch updates and real time site backups - 24/7/365!

Okanagan Design Co - Web Design Services - Kelowna BC - Vernon Dental Centre - Dr Anthony Berdan 1

Dr. Anthony Berdan

Vernon Dental Centre

"Jay came highly recommended to me and they did not disappoint. I was wanting my website to stand out to bring it right up to today's highest level of website standards and they made it happen. I could not believe how fast they had me up and running and how reasonably priced it was. Thanks for making this happen for us! We get compliments all the time."

Okanagan Design Co - Web Design Services - Kelowna BC - Castle On The Mountain - Myles & Katrina

Myles & Katrina Johnson

Castle On The Mountain | Vernon, B.C.

"When we initially met with Jay to discuss creating and designing our new website it was extremely evident that Jay understood the importance of creating a website that was not only visually attractive but also user friendly and easy to navigate for our new and returning customers. So much of our business is online; so it is vital that customers can find us easily. Not to mention that they like what they see when they do so. 
Working with Jay throughout the design process was seamless. He proposed various options and helped us navigate the process from start to finish. We always felt that we were heard and that he truly brought our vision to life. Thank you Jay!"

Okanagan Design Co - Web Design Services - Kelowna BC - All Span Building Systems - Bert Lehmann 1

Bert Lehmann

President & CEO
All Span Building Systems

"We have been nothing but absolutely impressed with the quality of work done for us by Jay and his team. We don't just pick anyone to handle such important work for us and we are glad we chose this great group to work with. They are meticulous, thorough and have given us nothing short of top notch service over the past few years. They are a pleasure to do business with."

Okanagan Design Co - Web Design Services - Kelowna BC - Jamon Selinger JSB 1

Jamon Selinger

JS Group Of Companies

"I am writing this to express my absolute satisfaction with Okanagan Design Co; a high-quality provider of web & marketing services. I would highly recommend Jay and his team to anyone needing professional work done at a reasonable rate."

Okanagan Design Co - Web Design Services - Kelowna BC - NOS Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Mario Deveault

Mario Deveault

Owner | NOS Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Jay revamped my website fast and the growth results were equally as fast! 
If you are tired of paying crazy money for a high quality web site, then look no further! 
Jay loves his work, communicates well, and does quality websites at awesome rates (others overcharge exponentially). 
My business has been booming, and a top quality website from Jay is a big reason for our success! 

Jay Woodford

Okanagan Design Co.

I've called the Okanagan home for the better part of 25 years and I've been building websites for clients all over the world since 2011 with my company SynergistMedia.  I created the Okanagan Design Co. because I see the rampant exploitative profiteering happening to local businesses from web design agencies.  I knew that I could provide better service at a far better price and so that's exactly what I've set out to do.

Aside from SynergistMedia, I'm also co-founder of Velocity PCM; a practice management company that serves dental clients all over the world.  I also run a web design focused training and partnership platform with students and partners all over the world.  Last but not least, I have a side hustle working with Team GaryVee publishing content for New York Times Best Selling author, marketing phenom and serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk since 2018.

When I'm not working, I enjoy building free websites for businesses just for the heck of it, taking ice baths, hanging out with my chickens and talking openly about my past struggles with addiction, mental health and business on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram & Facebook.

But more than anything, I love spending time with my wife and 4 kids - especially in the Okanagan outdoors.

WATCH: Viral Aerial Video of Kalamalka Lake

By Jay Woodford of Okanagan Design Co.

Viral Aerial Video of Kalamalka Lake

By Jay Woodford of Okanagan Design Co.


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